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Backlit Custom Sign



This beautiful 3D backlit sign its a must have for any business looking to decorate their office.

It can be the perfect support gift for a friend who is just starting their business venture.

*NOTE: This is a handmade product. We pay strong attention to detail to obtain the best and most professional sign we can make, but since it is not mass produced, it will show signs of a handmade item. We strive on providing a smooth paint finish, but as with all wood products, there can be some minimal variations. With that being said, we would never sell a product that we wouldn’t hang in our own office/space. We love each sign variation since this is what makes them unique!

*NOTE: We match the colors of your logo using color matching app from Home Depot that will provide the closest color to your logo that is available. It will NOT be an exact match, but very close.


12” diameter
18” diameter
24” diameter
12x12” square
18x18” square
24x24” square
12x24” rectangular
18x24” rectangular
12x36” rectangular
18x36” rectangular
24x36” rectangular


-Smooth elegant painted finish.
-3D Logo laser cut to perfection.
-Color match from Home Depot color matching app.
-CORD INCLUDED (Can be hidden behind wall). We do not offer wireless (battery operated lights).
-In-line switch included.


-1/4-in thick high quality plywood (front face which contain laser cut logo)
-1/2-in thick high quality plywood rim (carries the led light)
-1/8-in thick clear frosted acrylic (attached to the back of the front face plywood to give a backing for the logo, it diffuses the light and hides the back wall where the sign is hanged)

❤️LEAD TIME: 1-2 weeks (If sign is desired before this time frame, the expedite option can be purchased to have it produced within a week, follow link to purchase this option:


After order is placed, please send logo to this email address:

NOTE: Logo is best if it is in svg (vector or outline form). If you do not have the logo file in vector form, we can work with a high quality pdf of your logo. If logo was created in Canva, we would need you to download it in pdf print form (its an option Canva gives)


You can select the sign to be any color you would like. It could be the color of your brand or simply black. We suggest to go with a dark color so that the logo pops even if the sign is not on. When sending your logo files to, specify which color you would like from your logo to be the color of the sign, we then place your logo inside an app that lets us know the closest paint colors that exist. The app gives 3 options and we let customers decide which color to select.


After the order is placed, we will send a mock up picture of the design for the buyer to approve before sending it to production. We will also send the colors the app suggests that match with the color of your logo and let you choose the one that you feel is closest to your logo.


We take care of each order as if it was for our own business and spend the time to built your piece to perfection 👌🏻 to ensure that you fall in love 😍 with it the minute you lay your eyes on it. Our top priority is to make sure our customers love our products and can have it in a timely manner ⏱ (1-2 weeks handling time to ensure top quality). We strive to provide the best customer service. If you have any questions or special request, just send us a quick message and we will get back to you within minutes!

NOTE: The pictures in listing are just for demonstration purposes, this logo cannot be replicated, we only work with your logo to create your business sign.

**Once again, please keep in mind that the colors will vary slightly since it is impossible to physically match the color from digital file (RGB or CMYK) to the mix that paint stores can provide. Again, we do send which are the colors that the app is suggesting and you can choose the one that you feel is closest to your logo.

*** Not all logos can be laser cut. We advice that you message us first before placing order.

Thank you for reading all the way down. We appreciate you!

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