Jennifer Arniella


It all started with a desired to do something unique, personalized, and creative. Jennifer's background in engineering, graphic design, and business was the perfect recipe for Crafted 3D Signs to be successful.

Jenn's main role in the business is to develop new products, introduce new sales channels and provide the best customer service in the industry.

Aaliyah Davila Morales


Aaliyah is a special member of our team as she was the first one to join us. Her skills working with wood are the main reason our products finish and quality are top-notch. Her main responsibilities include prepping the wood, cutting, and painting. She also helps with shipping to ensure our products are meeting their destination in a timely manner.

She also has big aspirations! She is training to become a private pilot and hopes to become an Air Force Officer!

Yuriel Addine

Packing and Distribution

Yuriel is the muscles of the operation. He makes sure we are always stocked with the supplies and materials we need. He is also responsible for maintaining a clean and organized shop to work in an efficient and cohesive manner.

Yuriel loves sports, he practices swimming and soccer. He loves to spend time with this family, specially with his daughters.